AutoCAD Tutorial: Help Index

AutoCAD is the most popular 2D drafting tool used across the world. It provides a full range of drafting tools that let you create accurate and realistic images. AutoCAD offers more than 1000 commands to create drawings, but preparing survey drawing requires only a selected few of these AutoCAD Command. The AutoCAD section of this blog helps you to learn these basics. However, it should be noted that, though this section is written with AutoCAD as its base, all the commands, functionality and features can also be used with other CAD packages such as BricsCAD and ZWCAD.  The chapters included under this section are:

AutoCAD for Survey Engineers

01_Introduction to AutoCAD:

This section explains the basics of AutoCAD that are essential for working on AutoCAD such as the menu bar, the tool bar, command line, etc. Without understanding these functionalities it is impossible to work on AutoCAD.

02_Create Entities:

This section outlines the most basic entities required to create a drawing such as a point, a line, an arc, etc. and how to create them in AutoCAD.

03_Coordinate Inputs:

Since AutoCAD is more a graphical drawing tool it is very important to understand the coordinate systems to be able to create accurate drawings. This is dealt with in the present section.

04_AutoCAD Concepts:

This section deals with some of the most basic commands in AutoCAD which help you to achieve more accuracy in your drawings.

05_Delete Entities:

This section describes the options to make changes in the drawings created by deleting unwanted entities.

06_Modify Entities:

This section helps you learn how to modify entities already created to suit your requirements.

07_More About Text:

This section deals with the all the options provided in AutoCAD to deal with text entities while working on drawing.

08_More About Polyline:

This section provides you with the various options that can be used to create and edit Polylines in your drawings.

09_Review - Inquiries:

This section provides you with some important inquiry commands that allow you to derive details such as distance, area, etc of the created drawing.

10_Entity Properties:

This section helps you learn the commands to identify the exact properties of each entity in your drawing such as the colour, the layers, line type, line thickness, etc.

11_AutoCAD Concepts:

This section includes advanced AutoCAD concepts such as elevation, layout, variables, etc.


This section helps you learn how to add proper annotations to a CAD drawing.


This section deals with the usage drawing blocks such as creating, inserting, divide, measure, etc.


This section deals with shaded patterns that can be incorporated within the drawing.


This section helps you to learn the printing setups and properties to print an AutoCAD drawing.

16_File Management:

This section deals with basic file management commands such as new, save, open, etc.


This section deals with some extra features that are provided in AutoCAD.