Free Lisp Routines (Macros) to Speed up Editing Drawings in AutoCAD

Shortcut commands in Autocad always save lot of time. Most of the cad users prefer using shot cuts. These 51 Shortcut lisp macros are developed over a period to Quickly work on AutoCAD.


Sl NoCategoryFunctionCommand
1SelectCopy CrossingCC
2SelectErase WindowEW
3SelectMove WindowMW
4Line TypeSet Center linetype to selected entityCEN
5Line TypeSet Continuous linetype to selected entityCONT
6Line TypeSet Dashed linetype to selected entityDAS 
7Line TypeSet Dashdot linetype to selected entityDOT
8Line TypeSet Hidden linetype to selected entityHID
9UnitsSet the unit precision to 0UN0
10UnitsSet the unit precision to 1UN1
11UnitsSet the unit precision to 2UN2
12UnitsSet the unit precision to 3UN3
13UnitsSet the unit precision to 4UN4
14ZoomZoom to display the drawing extentsZE
15ZoomZoom to display the previous viewZP
16ZoomZoom to display a window defined by a Centre PointZC
17Zoom Zoom to display the generated portion of the drawing with a view boxZD
18ZoomZoom to display an Area specified by the opposite corners of a rectangular windowZW
19ZoomZoom the display at a specified scale factorZS
20ZoomZoom OutZ8 
21MiscellaneousErase last drawn entityELT
22MiscellaneousTurn off OsnapOS0
23MiscellaneousQuick quit (without saving)QY
24MiscellaneousBreak Line at given PointBRK
25MiscellaneousDisplay block name of selected entityBN
26MiscellaneousList DXF details of a selected entityLDXF
27MiscellaneousUndo back for any Lisp from ESurveyUB
28LayerSet the Bylayer property of the entitiesBY
29LayerSet the Layer of picked entityLSET
30LayerChange Layer of selected entities to Current LayerLC
31LayerDelete the Objects of selected entities LayerDSL
32LayerQuickly Create a New LayerQL
33LayerSet specified Layer as Current LayerMCL
34LayerRename LayerRN
35Layer - On OffSwitch OFF Layers on the basis of Entity PickOF
36Layer - On OffKeep selected Layers ONSLO
37Layer - On OffSwitch OFF Layers by specifying Layer NameOFN
38Layer - On OffSwitch ON the LayersON
39Layer - On OffSwitch OFF all the Layers except the current LayerOFF
40Layer - On OffSwitch ON all the LayersONN
41Layer - Free ThawFreeze the Layer on the basis of entity pickFR
42Layer - Free ThawFreeze Layers by specifying Layer NameFRN
43Layer - Free ThawThaw Layers by specifying Layer NameTHN
44Layer - Free ThawFreeze all LayersFRR
45Layer - Free ThawThaw all LayersTHH
46Layer - Lock UnlockLock LayerLK
47Layer - Lock UnlockUnlock LayerUL
48Layer - Lock UnlockLock Layer by Specifying Layer NameLKN
49Layer - Lock UnlockUnlock Layer by Specifying Layer NameULN
50Layer - Lock UnlockLock all the LayersLKK
51Layer - Lock UnlockUnlock all the LayersULL



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