Survey Drawing is a website dedicated to discuss about "How Survey Drawings can be prepared easily?".

Preparing Survey Drawings Easily Involves Learning

  • AutoCAD
  • Excel
  • Google Earth
  • Surveying Software
In addition Lisps on CAD will help a Lot.

This site offers free tutorials on all these subjects. There are many blog posts related to Survey Drawing. In addition free lisps are published fortnightly.



AutoCAD Offers more than 1000 commands to create drawings, but preparing survey drawing requires only a selected few of these commands. The AutoCAD section of this site helps you to learn these basics.

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Excel is very extensive spreadsheet application, but surveyors need to learn only some of the basic functions and formulas. The excel section provides you with a detailed outlook of basics of excel supported by informative videos and impressive images.

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Google Earth

The Google Earth free version has many features including displaying satellite and aerial imagery, a growing set of layers of mappable data, the ability to display third part data, tools for creating new data and the ability to import GPS data.

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ESurvey Products

ESurveying Products offer solutions for Creation of survey drawings including contour creation, computing earthwork, preparing cross-section, longitudinal section, interpolation, traverse correction, horizontal and vertical curve design, calculation of soil based quantities in irrigation projects, etc.

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